2018 Mixed Doubles League

2018 Mixed Doubles League



Delaware District Randolph Scheduler

You as a team captain should use this site to enter, review and make changes to your personal profile and team list (This is a list of teams that you are captaining.), and to indicate your team's home match preferences (These are your preferred home match sites, playing times and locations). The captain's personal profile will be used to distribute league information and schedules. Home match preferences will be used by the Randolph Scheduler to satisfy your home match preferences as close as possible.

This site is not to be used to register your team's players. You and your players must still use TennisLink to apply for or renew USTA membership, and to register for your team.

If you have any questions contact Patti Donato, Area League Coordinator, Donato@ms.usta.com, (302) 415-1114.

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